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I have personally tested all the major news feeds and choose to use Trade The News for my trading. I can say with 100% conviction they are simply the best news service in existence. 

My long standing theory on how breaking news affects price action is news can, and often does, create the volatility necessary to facilitate price discovery to key levels that likely already want tested.

With what seems like never-ending headline risk and markets moving on a dime from a single tweet, there has never been a better time to utilize a top-quality news service like Trade The News. 

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Benefits to Traders and
Fund Managers


Day Trader / Active Investor


  • Headline summaries on equity news throughout the day
  • Economic numbers announced and compared to estimates as well as prior releases
  • Live earning calls and warnings before, during, and aftermarket hours
  • Participation in conference calls; Corporate, Analyst, Industry, Etc…
  • Catch moves before stocks halt for “news pending”
  • Macro news that affect the markets
  • Live IPO & merger coverage
  • Analyst & industry calls


Futures Traders


  • Live equities news summaries that affect markets and sectors
  • All economic numbers announced and compared to estimates as well as prior releases
  • Single stock & sector futures benefit from specific news
  • Macro news that move markets
  • Alerts on program trades
  • Key levels


Hedge Funds (and Equity Managers)


  • Although we do alerts on rumors - we deal with FACTS; we are not another rumor mill
  • TTN refutes or confirms street rumors/talk with fact, not opinions
  • Allows for a pull or re-evaluation of buy/sell levels when unexpected breaking news occurs
  • International Markets
  • Reports on the critical foreign data which affect US and Global markets
  • US based corporate announcements often set tones for related foreign companies
  • Frequent possible arbitrage on ADR's and GDR's available pre-market and after hours
  • US economic data
  • War, terrorism, & natural disasters impacting markets
  • High Yield Bond and Corporate Bond Managers
  • Live upgrades/downgrades from analysts and ratings agencies
  • Company notes & releases on issuances


Options Traders (Equity and Index)


  • Breaking news summaries on stocks and sectors
  • Sector comments from market moving analysts
  • Block and unusual volume




About Trade The News


Trade The News (TTN) is the premier, live voice of breaking news and analysis for professional traders on a constant, real-time basis.


Our live audio content is focused primarily on professional, active, and institutional traders in the equities arena and also in related futures markets. We are located right on Wall Street - the heart of New York City’s financial community - with some of the most significant trading desks just steps away.


TTN’s up-to-the-second broadcast benefits Active Traders/Investors and Fund Managers in multiple markets, including: Day Traders, Futures and Options Traders, Hedge Fund and Equity Managers, Investors in

International Markets, and High Yield Bond and Corporate Bond Managers.


TTN gives you directed information on market trends and events that may affect certain individual stocks, groups of stocks, or the entire market.


While the focus is on the US markets, clients do get international economic news that impact all markets including: OPEC commentary, IMF and Foreign Central Bank announcements, ADR/GDR news, foreign macroeconomic news and non-financial events. Our unique access and proximity to particular events allows us to provide insight, analysis and other accurate information.


What’s more - we also go inside an event to develop our own information and analysis to assist our clients in their decision-making. In numerous cases we have been able to refute rumors or outside commentary, often speaking directly to reporters, corporate officers, analysts, economists, and other market pundits.


Unlike many online providers, we do not trade in front of our news and information. As a matter of principle we do not even trade off of any of the information we provide. This helps to assure the quality and timeliness of the information. It eliminates the risk of ethical conflict and self-serving commentary. Our commitment is to provide prompt and objective information without spin or bias.