Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What markets does TS TradePlan cover?

A. We trade the S&P-500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, Euro, Oil and Gold. The specific instruments are YM E-mini Dow futures, ES E-mini S&P-500 futures, NQ E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures, RTY Russell 2000 futures, 6E Euro FX futures, CL Crude Oil futures, and GC Gold futures. 

Q. What if I only want TS TradePlan for ES and nothing else?
Q. Do you offer analysis for any other markets?
Q. What time is TS TradePlan posted for clients?
Q. Why not post closer to the U.S. open if you are U.S. based?
Q. What time is TS Trades active?
Q. When is the best time to trade?
Q. Do you have any indicators?
Q. What if I trade spot Forex EURUSD, can I use the 6E TS TradePlan?
Q. Can I trade SPY, DIA, QQQ, IWM, FXE, USO, GLD using TS TradePlan?
Q. How can I get started?